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Karnataka University, Dharwad

School of Correspondance Education

(External Branch) Supproted By SCE Alumni


The University strives towardds excellence in teaching-learning with relevant curriculum and innovative research, promoting good governance and inclusiveness by providing leadership for a konwledge society.


To design and teach curriculum that is contemporary, competitive and content-rich to make students creative, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial. To encourage faculty to engage in relevant and globally competative inter multi-disciplinary research, consultancy and extension work. To provide infrastructure resources to facilitate access, equity and harmony both for students and faculty. To create the best possible academic ambience for achieving advancement of students and faculty to be leaders in their endeavors. To make administration efficient, transparent and adaptable to e-governance.

Message by the Vice-Chancellor

Keeping in view the performance of the Eleventh Five Year Plan in achieving the objectives of faster and inclusive growth, the Planning Commission decided that the main goal of the Twelfth Five Year Plan should be to faster sustainable and more inclusive growth with focus on people to improve their capabilities, access to opportunities, empowerment of weaker sections by including the excluded. Education is the most crucial investment in human development. Over the decades, considerable progress has been achieved in terms of expansion of higher educational facilities. The higher education system has seen a seventeen-fold increase in the number of Universities and thirty five-fold increase in the number of Colleges in comparison to the number at the time of Independence.

The major objectives of the University include widening access to higher education to larger segments of the population, organizing programmes of continuing education and initiating special programmes of higher education for disadvantaged groups. Keeping the mission of spreading higher education to unreached areas, the Karnatak University has designed several Correspondence Courses in the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, and Commerce. The system is flexible and open in regard to methods and pace of learning, combination of courses, eligibility for admission, age of entry method of evaluation, etc. Symbolic of the University's vision and mission, the emblem of the University consists of a pipal tree at the centre, an open book, figures of an elephant and a bull, a rising sun and the legend Arive Guru i.e., Wisdom is Guru, implying that both wisdom and knowledge should be all pervading like the ramifying pipal tree and light up the world with knowledge and eradicate illiteracy. It is our endeavor to offer the students the best knowledge and skills and in turn the meaningful career. Wishing you all the best.

Thanking you Yours Sincerely