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Karnataka University, Dharwad

School of Correspondance Education

(External Branch) Supproted By SCE Alumni


The advance frontires of the koowledge and to promote its dissemination through Correspondance Mode seamlessly accessible to all unreached and unaffordable from among them the thinkers, creators and producers of tomorrow may emerge


Strengthen the developement of university resource centre as a proactive role model for high quality and learner-centric correspondance system. Share professional capablities and resources to improve standards of open learning and around the university jurisdiction. Provide on intelligent flexible system of education to meet the challenges of access and equity, and work for seamless education across State boundaries to develope global collaboration and paternership. Take education to the hitherto unreached and promote community participation for local developement throughlife-coping skills. Provide specific need-based education and training opportunities for continuous professional developement and skill up gradation in service professionals.Develope networks using emerging technologies and methods with global reach for effective programme delivery.